Saturday, May 04, 2002

Chloe had her first taste of rice cereal today. She loved it. She was trying to grab the spoon and feed herself!

Dillon brought home a new kitten for Leia. It's name is Shadow. She used to be terrified of cats but now she likes them. She is so happy to have her own kitten.

I am officially self employed! My old bosses hired me back on cotract. Meaning I am responsible for my own taxes, but they are paying me more, so it evens out. Since I am only working part time and at home, I was not eligible for benefits, so this works out. So, I brought home some work, now I just have to get to it!

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Thursdays is library day. It was kind of sad because it may be our last time. Since I am going to be working part time, the kids will go to "Mother's Day Out" on Thursdays. Although, between May 30 & June 20 "MDO" is not open, so maybe we can go back then. Vacation Bible School is June 10-14 and the kids will go to that since I will be teaching. That week will be very hard because that is the start of summer school too. Oh well, worry about that when it gets here. Anyway, story time today was fun. Got some more books and read them to Leia already. What a great kid!

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I have decided to go back to work. Actually, I am bringing the work home, part time. I asked my old bosses if I could do any work and they said yes. I will probably start next Monday. I will be glad to have more money to pay bills and have fun with, but I am not really looking forward to the work. Plus, I will start summer school in about a month.

Chloe is communicating with us, other than crying, that is. Dillon started it. He stuck out his tounge and spit at her and she did it right back. They kept it up for a few minutes and then I tried it. She did it to me too.

Since I am going to be working I took the kids to check out the "Mother's Day Out" program at a local church. I wanted to meet the teachers and check out the facilities. It was nice so I signed up Leia. There is a waiting list for Chloe's class. Leia's class was playing outside on the playground when we went to visit. She loved it and cried when we had to leave. She will start next Tuesday. Our church has a "Mother's Day Out" on Thursdays that they can go to.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Another weekend gone. On Saturday we did some yard and garden work. Leia loves being outside. She loves to blow bubbles and pick flowers. Any flowers will do, even dandylions. Today we went to church. Leia likes seeing her friends and singing songs. She can sing "Jesus Loves Me" and "Deep and Wide". It is so cute.

This evening we went to the Fisher's house for dinner. It is great to have friends with a 2 year old for Leia to play with. Her and Caleb have so much fun. They fight over toys but mostly get along.

Chloe has been good. She had been fighting sleep lately. Last night she cried herself to sleep. I felt so bad for her, but nothing worked. Not feeding her, changing her diaper, changing her clothes. It is hard to know what to do when the baby can't talk.