Sunday, September 22, 2002

Dillon's grandfather passed away on 9/14/02. He went in the hospital for a fever on 9/8/02. He had an infection in his leg and pheneumonia. Aunt Deanne was here by Monday. Wednesday we were told he would probably not make it. Thursday Wanda and her family left and arrived here on Friday. The entire family was able to see him and say their good byes. We were even able to take the kids in the ICU. The last time I saw him he was able to talk to us just a little. The funeral was on Tuesday at Grandpa and Grandma's church in Leesville. The burial was Thursday in Buckholtz, TX where he is from. We were able to make it to both.

Leia and Chloe will probably not remember him. He always called Leia a "corker" because she was so funny and cute. One special memory was when we were at their house and about to eat. Leia said let's pray. We all bowed our heads. It was kind of funny because no body prayed out loud, but I believe we all said our own silent prayer. He was loved and we will miss him.