Saturday, June 01, 2002

Today we took Leia & Chloe fishing for the first time. Leia was not really into it. It was a bad spot and we did not catch any fish. But, it was fun.

Chloe had shots on Thursday. She did really well. She is only in the 10th percentile, compared to other kids her age. Leia, on the other hand, was always in the 90th percentile or above. So, now that Chloe is 6 months old we are supposed to start her on cereal, fruits, vegetables & juice. We will get her fattened up!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Memorial Day was yesterday. Dillon had the day off so we decided to have a family day. First thing I went to the store to get stuff for a picnic lunch. We left to go to the zoo around 11:00 and stayed till about 1:30. Then we went to the park and ate our lunch. Leia played on the swings and playground for about an hour. Then we went to the mall to get out of the heat. For dinner we went to Chuck E Cheese's. We finally got home around 6:30. What a fun day!

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Chloe has discovered the Sure-Grip Jumper. It hangs from a door jam and she can jump. She tried it for the first time today and had a great time.

Leia has finally let me do something to her hair. I put it in a pony tail. Not all the hair is long enough so it I just put one patch on the very top. She looks like Pebbles Flinstone.

This weekend Kim & Eric were visiting Grandpa & Grandma so we went on Saturday night to see them. Leia had fun playing with Jon. She was exhausted when he left!