Thursday, June 06, 2002

Leia continues to amaze us. We obviously let her watch too much tv. She has this one commercial memorized. It pops up different words on the screen as the announcer says them: News, Weather, Sport, Features, Programming, etc, etc First, we thought it was funny that she could say the words after the announcer. Then, she could say the words before the announcer. Now, she doesn't have to be looking at the tv, when she hears it come on she starts saying it! Like I said, too much tv!

Chloe has been enjoying all the extra food. She loves it all. She has tried her cereal with juice in it because she still will not drink from a bottle. She has tried strained carrots, green beans, peaches, applesauce and bananas. She sometimes sucks on her thumbs or toes and makes a big mess. Right now it is still cute, just wait!