Monday, August 12, 2002

My Mother was able to come and visit. She came by train on Sunday the 4th. She was able to stay until today, Monday the 12th. We had a wonderful time. She spent loads of time reading to Leia, playing at the park, holding Chloe and just giving all of us all her love for a whole week. I unfortunately, had to have my wisdom teeth pulled and thank goodness she was here for that. I had the surgery on Friday. I was down for that day but after that I was fine. I took 2 pain pills on Friday and none after that. Dillon and I had optometrist appointments so it was good to have Mom here to watch kids for that too.

Dillon's Mom & family also arrived in Louisiana on Sunday the 4th. We saw them on Monday evening and again on Thursday evening. Saturday we all went to Leesville to spend the day together. Visits with both sides of the family went too fast.