Friday, July 26, 2002

Chloe stood up! She was playing with one of Leia's toys, a little box, and put her hands on top of it and stood up. If someone stands her up she can hold onto the top of her play pen and stand for a few seconds. She has been saying sounds like DaDa, PaPa, ByeBye.

Leia is learning new things all the time. She can say almost all of the ABCs, count to 10, knows her shapes & colors. She can put on her own clothes. She loves to sing. What a joyful little girl!

Summer school will be over next week. I have 1 test tomorrow (Saturday, yuck) and a final on Tuesday and the last final on Wednesday.

We have been able to see Bill's kids a lot this month. They have come over for night twice. They are 13 (twins) and 16. We celebrated the twins birthday last weekend. They have to leave on the 31st. My mom is talking about coming for a few weeks. I will like that. Dillon's mom & family are coming after August 1st, which is always fun. If all works out, our mothers can meet for the first time in nearly 10 years.